Alternative and more modern option: You can now disable the remaining tasks after updating the Windows 10 wizard (this is not a necessary procedure, because on newer versions of Windows 10, after removing the wizard, these tasks may not appear at all. If you want to install the new version of Windows 10 next time (which we highly recommend), you need to download the Update Assistant again from the official site and run it. The installer will return all tasks to their places, restore the required folders and be ready to work. In this article, I will tell you how to upgrade Windows 10 to a new version of the operating system in different ways. There are several ways to upgrade your system in Windows 10.

About twice a year, Microsoft releases a so-called “big” operating system updates. In essence, we are talking about installing a new version of Windows 10 on top of the old system, while preserving user data, installed programs, and system settings.

New versions of Windows 10 add features that were not previously available in the operating system, make changes to the interface, and improve the operation of the system that is not visible to the user. Thanks to the Windows 10 Insider Preview program, Microsoft has sufficient information about the activity of the various innovations, which can be extensively tested before the final version is released.

Upgrade Windows 10

Several ways to upgrade to the latest version :

Update via Windows Update.

Using the official update tool, the Media Creation Tool.

Update using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant utility.

New installation of Windows 10 on top of the old version of Windows 10.

Clean install of the new version of Windows 10.

Next, consider all possible options for updating microsoft windows 12 download. To upgrade to a new version, different methods are required, if the Windows 10 upgrade does not start in one of the modes, or the system upgrade process fails. In this case, you can try another way to upgrade Windows.

For some users, this is not relevant because it disables the update in Windows 10. Its better to go for upgrade to windows 11 with some advance features.

Upgrade to Windows 10 using Windows Update

Windows Update automatically updates Windows 10. Two methods for downloading updates are used:

The system update is downloaded to the computer without user intervention. When everything is ready, Windows through will ask the user to install the update.

The user independently begins the process of updating the operating system.

In the first case, the update will not be downloaded to the computer immediately after the final release. Right now, Microsoft servers are heavily loaded, so the operating system is delivered to your computer. Update files will appear on your PC after a while. After you receive a message from Windows 10 and your consent for the update, the system will automatically update.

In the second case, the user can start the update process himself. To do this, go to the Start menu, then follow these steps:

Click “Options”, in the “Options” window, select “Update and security”.

In the “Windows Update” section, in the “Update Status” option, click the “Check for Updates” button.

After checking for updates, a message appears indicating that a new version of Windows is available.

Then the download and preparation process for installing the updates will begin.

Next, Windows will offer to restart your computer now or at a specific time to begin installing the upgrade to the new version of the system.

After that, the process of working with updates will begin, during which time the computer will restart several times.

Wait for the installation to complete and then a new version of the Windows operating system will start on your computer, get new windows 11

Sometimes, it happens that the update process extends for a very long time, for this reason, the user is obliged to interrupt the system update process. Sometimes the operating system upgrade fails, which Windows informs the user about. In both cases, there is an automatic return to the version of Windows 10 with which the system was updated.

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