Quite a demanded action when writing degree control and coursework and seems to be simple, but nevertheless, many novice users have a question, but how to put a degree in Word? Today, as part of the post, I will answer this question, as well as some other related topics no less important for a novice student, but for many other people. I remember when I myself first encountered how to type degree symbol in a document, I did not immediately understand how to implement the function I needed. It turned out that everything is done elementarily in almost two clicks! Well. well, see the list of useful “chips” for a novice student.

  • Degree of number (superscript)
  • Subscript
  • Single or double strikethrough
  • Writing formulas
  • symbol table
  • Word number degree

Being on the main page of the document using an example of simple mathematical value, we expose the degrees, which in the editor themselves are called superscript.

put a degree in Word

How to put a degree on a computer keyboard?

• We write the full component of the equation in the usual form 7x + 7 = 49 • Now to translate the necessary characters to the power, select them by placing the cursor next to them and holding down LMB • On the tabs and commands panel, press the X2 symbol, after which the selected part of the equation will take the proper form and also act with the rest of the parts until we get the desired result. Subscript All actions are performed in exactly the same way as with the Superscript character, and the performing tool X2 is located in the same place, so there is no sense in repeating it, let’s move on to the description of the next function. Single or double strike through To use the capabilities of this tool, we click on the small button with an arrow on the same panel of tabs and then we get to the settings menu. You can use the Cntrl + D keyboard shortcuts for quick entry. What do we see here? All possible tools for formatting the font and text, including the familiar superscript and subscript characters for writing a degree. I will not focus on the use and application of everything is done according to the scheme described above. Nevertheless, I will give a small visual example. Select the word phrase or all text, press Cntrl + D in the window that opens, use the appropriate tools for the situation. Pay attention to the Sample field there, all the changes you make will be displayed there, so before clicking OK to confirm the formatting actions, see how it will look on the sample.

Writing formulas and a symbol table

On the toolbar, select the Insert tab. In the right corner of the panel, find the Equation button, click on it. A window will open where you can select the suitable formula or use the Additional equations tab from office.com, if you do not find anything suitable, then use the Insert new equation tab. In both cases, the Constructor for working with equations will appear where different symbols and elements will be placed to create new formulas or change template ones. It is possible to create formulas by drawing with your finger on the screen, naturally if you have a touch screen or using the mouse, for this, select the Handwritten equation tool. Of course, using the mouse to write is not very convenient, but it is still possible, clumsy writing is recognized and transformed into an equation or formula of the correct form. Symbol table A fairly popular tool, which has in its arsenal a bunch of different characters, and different fonts, may have additional characters. I hope this article on the Word degree symbol and other important tools described will be especially useful to students.

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