An average of 500 employees are involved in creating the Call of Duty series of Games, and more than a thousand are involved in the development of Grand Theft Auto V. But this does not mean that one person cannot create a good, unique and profitable game. We have compiled a list of games created by just one developer.

Stardew Valley Game

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator, but besides plant care, there are many activities in the game. The player explores the city, gets acquainted with its inhabitants (and even falls in love) and turns the farm into a thriving agricultural wonderland. The big and fascinating world of Stardew Valley was created by one person – Eric Barone. And the development began as a small project in the portfolio and a tribute to the classic Harvest Moon series. Steam sales are now approaching 4 million copies. In addition, Stardew Valley is released on all relevant gaming platforms: from Xbox One to PS Vita.

Stardew Valley Game


Programmer Lucas Pope is an American living in Japan. Every year he went through immigration checks. Once again, doing this tedious bureaucratic procedure, the man thought about the work of the passport office employees. He decided to turn a paper shuffle and passport check into a video game. So there appeared Papers, Please.

The player here is an immigration officer working on the border of two warring powers. Both ordinary people and potential spies and terrorists pass through it. The player must not only verify documents and follow an ever-expanding list of rules, but also solve moral dilemmas. Should a crying woman be allowed to go to her husband if she does not have all the papers and a typo in her passport?


RPG is a popular and extremely difficult genre to develop. Studios spend huge amounts of money and resources creating games like The Witcher and Mass Effect.

Therefore, it is surprising that one of the best modern role-playing games was made by just one person. Toby Fox worked on Undertale for three years with the money raised from crowdfunding. The developer did not want different people to influence his work, so he created the game completely alone – right down to design and art.


Braid is a platformer with unique mechanics that allows the player to learn from their mistakes and correct them using time manipulations.
Jonathan Blow began work on Braid in 2005 and actually completed it in a year. Critics liked the early build and won the award for the best design at the Independent Games Festival.

Over the next three years, Blow improved the game and even spent $ 200,000 on it from his pocket. Most of the money was spent on hiring an artist who gave the game vivid watercolor graphics. Today, Braid is a modern classic of indie games and one of the best games of its generation.


Minecraft is a franchise worth billions of dollars and one of the best-selling games on the planet, but it started one with one person. Swedish game designer Marcus Persson, in his spare time, created a 3D building and craft game inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer.
The game gradually expanded and Persson quit his main job to devote Minecraft all his time. The money earned after a test run, the programmer spent on the founding of the studio Mojang.

Ultimately, the whole team continued to refine and develop the game. Microsoft in 2014 bought Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars (1.3 billion went to Persson). The Swedish programmer stopped working on the game and entrusted it to other developers.

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