Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is a major player in the antivirus market and its AV software packages include firewalls. The company is producing a free antivirus suite that will provide complete protection against cyberattacks on your home computer. This software works on Windows, MacOS and Android.

The anti-virus module of this suite includes up-to-date threats database updates that give you immediate coverage when a company detects a new virus. The software also creates a Sandbox environment on your computer. This is useful if you want to download new software from genuine sources, as you can try out your new utility without the risk of it running hidden viruses on your computer.

Wifi security in this package monitors intruders and weaknesses in the network, and online protection includes password locking and detection of fake sites that prevent DNS hijacking.

Free Antivirus

Free Comodo Firewall Antivirus

Comodo is an award-winning cybersecurity software company that produces a firewall for all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10. Paid firewall has a free alternative, which according to the company is the world’s No. 1 free firewall.

In addition to blocking incoming connections, this software package will monitor your computer for ongoing threats, with a constantly updated threat database. The monitor alerts you in real time of the risks identified. You get a Sandbox environment for every new software you download to protect yourself from hidden viruses. The system uses AI to build a profile of normal work behavior on your computer so that it can block suspicious activity. You can choose to block certain applications from accessing the Internet while the software monitors all outbound traffic as well as incoming data.

Other features include a browser cleanup utility and game mode to enable interactive applications to work over the Internet.


TinyWall developer Károly Pados came up with the clever idea to create an enhancement to Windows Defender’s native Windows Firewall. So, surprisingly, this utility is only available for Windows.

The ethos of TinyWall’s development is that it must be unobtrusive. The program works all the time and appears as an icon in the system tray. Click the icon to see the popup menu of the system. This means that threat information is available upon request. The nice thing about this is that you won’t freeze your computer from overlay when you’re in the middle of something. On the other hand, threat warnings are easily ignored, which is a risk.

As a free utility that should be lightweight (only takes up 1 MB of space on your hard drive), this firewall doesn’t have many features. You can add white apps to prevent your important programs from being blocked, but this is related.

Free firewall

Outpost Firewall – The Outpost manufacturer, Agnitum Ltd, was sold to Yandex, the Russian Google, in 2017 and at this time closed its own website. You can no longer get this firewall directly from the company, but it is available from software distribution sites such as Filehippo and Softonic.

You might be wondering why a seemingly abandoned firewall is on this list. It’s here because it deserves to be. Agnitum licenses your firewall with other security companies, so this is actually the firewall you get from other big-name cybersecurity providers, including Sophos. Although the paid Outpost Firewall Pro is no longer supported, the free firewall continues to be strong.

Features of this excellent security program include an automatic whitelist for well-known software, an anti-leakage module that blocks suspicious outbound messages, file and folder locking, and ad blocking and pop-ups for web surfers.

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